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The Lloyd Ralston Gallery

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Lloyd Ralston Gallery

     I've been very fortunate this week to have many nice people help me out to continue with my blog. When I returned from my usual Dunkin Donuts  coffee and muffing this morning, I was very happy to hear from  the Gallery. I was given permission to be allowed to use their photos of their fine toys.


     "Lloyd Ralston Gallery has been one of the busiest and best auction galleries since its inception. The primary focus has always been full-color, professionally-described cataloged auctions of vintage collectible antique toys, trains, soldiers and die cast vehicles.

     Family owned since 1978, it is located in Shelton, Connecticut. The 10,000 sq. ft., showcase-lined gallery has seating for 100 people. Fully air-conditioned and heated, it offers a comfortable atmosphere for attending bidders. The hours are 9:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday or by appointment.

     The full-time staff of Lloyd Ralston Gallery is Glenn Ralston and Terry Ralston; children of the late-Lloyd Ralston. When you contact us at Lloyd Ralston Gallery, you are speaking directly to a helpful and knowledgeable owner who is ready to assist you. Their goal has always been to maximize consignor's profit while also making the auction friendly and easy for the buyer.
We are members of the Antique Toy Collectors of America, the Train Collectors Association, and the Mechanical Bank Collectors of America."

* Copied Directly from the Lloyd Ralsont Gallery Website

   The great factor about the about well-established and well-respected toy auction houses or galleries, is that they receive  select collections of fine toys for sale.  E-Bay is very good, but for the rare and highly-prized toys, you need to search them out at the auction house or longtime antique stores. Sure, you may have to pay more than E-Bay, but the costs are well worth the finds! Also, you have professionals and experts who know their toys, are honest with their listings, and stand by what they sell. Moreover, you can actually go to their galleries and see the toys in display cases for "up close and personal" viewing.

I'm going to present some of the fine toys that  Glenn and his brother Terry will have up for auction on October 27, 2012. I've chosen mostly older American toys, but they have many other toys, especially fine Dinky Toys.

In my letter thanking Glenn, I wrote that I would also like to write about the toys, but that will have to wait for later. I'll add the narrative parts for these fine toys later. For now, I'm happy to present the finely-photographed toys to all of my readers.

I've included the item # from the auction, as well as the brief title of the item, for those of you who might actually be interested in bidding on these nice toys.

 345. 2 HUBLEY MOTORCYCLES, painted cast iron, Racer, 6 1/2" long, tires worn, both standing pegs ground off, Police Motorcycle w/Sidecar, 4" long, C5.
 269. CHAMPION DELIVERY TRUCK, painted cast iron, rubber tires worn, 8" long, C4-5.

 401. TURNER FIRE LADDER TRUCK, painted pressed steel, decals worn, 22" long, C5.
402. STEELCRAFT CITY MILK TRUCK, painted pressed steel, 18" long, scratches & wear on roof, C6.

403. 2 WYANDOTTE AUTOS, painted pressed steel, Sedan, 9" long, restored, 603 Speedster, 10" long, windup not working, C6-8.

417. WYANDOTTE TOY TOWN ICE CO TRUCK, painted pressed steel, 12" long, C6-7.

437. TOOTSIETOY 720 FLY-N-GYRO, die cast, blue, C8.

438. 4 TOOTSIETOY AUTOS, 713 & 712 LaSalles, 613 & 512 Grahams, all are restored, C9.

444. ARCADE & KENTON TRUCKS, painted cast iron, Arcade Ice Truck, 7" long, tires worn, 2 sections of handrail missing, Kenton Overland Circus Truck, 7" long, C4.

445. 2 HUBLEY FIRE TRUCKS, painted cast iron, Pumper, 6 1/2" long, Ladder Truck, 6" long,
 both have nickel grilles & trim, C5.

418. 4 WYANDOTTE VEHICLES, painted pressed steel, 5" to 6" long, C4.

 427. TOOTSIETOY 1032 DESTROYER, die cast, blue & white, orig box, C8-9.
436. TOOTSIETOY 1030 USN LOS ANGELES ZEP, die cast, silver, 
orig box minor wear, C8.

448. KINGSBURY FIRE STATION & PUMPER, painted pressed steel, Station is 13" long, windup not working, Pumper is 9 1/2" long, windup not working, C5-6.

449. MARX MAGIC GARAGE & AUTO, litho tin, windup not working, Garage is 10 1/2" long, Woody Wagon is 6 1/2" long, orig box minor wear & faded, C7-8.

454. KINGSBURY ROADSTER, painted pressed steel, windup not working, 13" long, 
electric headlights, restored, C8.

484. 2 DAYTON HILLCLIMBER AUTOS, painted pressed steel, Coupe & Roadster, 
working, both 8" long, C5.

489. GIRARD AUTO TRANSPORT, painted pressed steel, 23" long, w/headlights, some surface oxidation, 
1 car missing 1 tire, C4.

491. KENTON OVERLAND CIRCUS BAND WAGON, painted cast iron, complete w/outriders, 
1 horse missing 1 wheel, C6.

     You may have notice a letter and number at the end of each title under the photos.

491. KENTON OVERLAND CIRCUS BAND WAGON, painted cast iron, complete w/outriders, 
1 horse missing 1 wheel, C6.

   I've enlarged the letter and number in blue for the last listing - the Kenton Overland Circus Band Wagon. That combination of letters and numbers is a condition rating. 

Please note that I also "borrowed" the information on each toy from the Lloyd Ralston Gallery.

For a  description and explanation of the toy rating system, please go to:

  Again, a special thanks to Glenn and Terry Ralston for helping me out. Also,if you're reading this before the actual posting date of October 16 ,2012, I haven't made a mistake. Thanks to  people like Glenn and Terry, and others, I have managed to be able to write about 8 posts this week. I'm now 4 days ahead, and that will give me time to send more letters to people on the Net, and tofor now to be ahead. 

Glenn Ralston or Terry Ralston

549 Howe Avenue, Shelton CT 06484
Phone 203-924-5804
Fax 203-924-5834

Thanks for visiting, 
and have a great morning, afternoon, or evening
wherever you my be.


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