Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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      Today's post has to do with a great company and a great resource - icollector.  It's a modern-day company that provides a platform for all types of auction companies or galleries to  present themselves. I'll let the company "about" write-up speak for itself.

     I received their permission to use the photos on their site a few days ago, and I was very thankful. This fine site certainly is a real "treasure" for me, since it will keep me busy for a while on my blog.

      icollector is a great resource of encyclopaedic proportions for collectors, buyers,and sellers.  The site has thousands of auctioneers or auction houses that present their  current and past auctions, with all of their items up for sale. Viewers can sign up and even bid through this site. Every type of collectible can be found for anyone who collects. As well, you can find brief descriptions of the items listed.

     For myself,there are many auctioneers who have have listed toys that I have not seen on E-Bay. The same holds true for past auctions. Whereas, I've only seen about 5-10 different Kingsbury toys on E-Bay, I now realize that there are close to 100 different ones.  I haven' seen the 100, but I've seen plenty. With O'Brien's "Collecting Toys" 12th edition catalogue,  the complete set of Kingsbury toys is listed, with some photos. With icollector, I can now have an open search for ever differently Kingsbury  toy made.

     You can remain on the icollector site, or be click and  be redirected to the actual auction site. When one  just thinks how the computer, the Internet, the auction houses,and of course the staff at icollector have done, this certainly  makes you realize how things have changed!

    I'm just going to present to you some of the fine toys that I found in a short period of time. What's noteworthy is the excellent photo quality,and the size of the images. I've reduced their size to fit on this blog. However, when you do open up any of the images directly on the site, you will see the large size and great detail that can be seen.

  I actually have this book, and it was one of the first books that I purchased.

 I had to close with the image above of that Buddy-L toy. I've bought and sold some of the Doepke sand loaders and movers, but this Buddy-L toy certainly stands head-to-head with the Doepkes!

Don't forget, that you can click on any image to magnify it.

The weather forecast for Montreal today is clear and sunny with a high of 50 Fahrenheit (11 Celcius). I'd normally be happy with the weather, but icollector has made me even more happy , and I'm already warmed up to go out for coffee. The temperature (7:00 A.M.) is now at the freezing point of water - 32 Fahrenheit or 0 Celcius.

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