Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Texan to the Rescue!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Texan to the Rescue!

A.C.Williams Austin Cast Iron Toy Toy Car Hauler 
with its Antique Trailer and Cars
      For the second day in a I've been helped out. Today, I was fortunate to see a beautiful listing of a cast iron hauler with its cars. I saw Ken's listing and immediately asked for his assistance in helping me with my blog.  He replied "toute-de-suite (French for right away), and off I went.

   Ken Church's  e-Bay ID is  texaxmantiques.

     Besides the very interesting cast iron toy set, I immediately noticed the high-quality of Ken's photography. I have another blog on Photography, but I haven't written much lately. Photography Blogs are hard to attract viewers!

    I may be wrong, but what got my attention from Ken's photography was:

1.  Focus. Perhaps a tripod was used.
2.  Proper exposure.
3.  Colour-balance.
4.  Detail all over.
5.  The subjects are on a light-toned foundation (what the items rest on). 
     (This helps to keep the attention on the toys, and avoids distractions).
6. Close framing to show detail.
7. Placing an item (US $ 1.00 dollar bill) in the photo as a size reference. 

I'm going to add more of his other listings tomorrow, but for now it's this listing of an:

A.C.Williams Austin Cast Iron Toy Toy Car Hauler with its Antique Trailer and Cars

     What I like about old cast iron toys is that they have that tactile (touch) firmness to them. they're solid and heavy. I sometimes wonder though how may kids might have had sore toes from having dropped the toys.  I also like the fact that these toys have lasted so long, compared to todays plastic toys!

The Hubley Kits
(Added Thursday, September 28, 2012)

     The Hubley kits were manufactured by the Hubley toy company in the early 1960's. They were made quite well, with lots of detail, and a more-costly finish. As you can see, there were both metal and plastic components. The metal, of course could be painted. Eventually, like everything else,  times changes, and the company was purchased by the Gabriel Toy company, and later, by other companies.

    You can find these cars on e-Bay both as finished cars and as kits. The example below is from Ken. Thanks to him, I was able to write some new material, as well as presenting a new area of the Hubley Toy Company.

    These cars were meant to compete with the plastic car models of the time. However, because of the costlier materials, there were only so many different models and car brands manufacturer. If you go on E-Bay, or do a search  on the Net for Hubley Car Kits, you'll be able to see a wide range of these well-made toys.

Once again, I'd like to thank Ken Church for 
helping me out. His E-Bay ID is Texmantiques.

Thanks to all who have dropped by,
and to everyone wherever you may be, 
have a great morning, afternoon, or evening.

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