Friday, May 4, 2012

Leftovers for E-Bay Listings

Friday, May 4, 2012

"Leftovers" for E-Bay Listings
(Week of May 4-8, 2012)

      Sometimes an E-Bayer, like myself will bid on items that you feel will re-sell easily. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen.  As well,  the period of April-August seems to also be a slowdown. The  slowdown could be from the US recession, or the warmer weather  where people have more things to do outdoors. As well, I'm sure there are other reasons.

     I've had these toys in several small boxes, but haven't been able to sell them individually or sometimes as a group of 3 or 4. 

     So today, I decided to simply group them together in numbers of 6-15, price them low, and see whether they will sell or not. I'm not going to bother  identifying them because I;m going to try and gear the description to buyers who will re-sell these items rather than collect them. If a collector is interested, then he or she will know what the items are.

     I'm only listing the large groups of photos, because I can;t afford to add 3-12 photos per listing. I'll be directing people here, to my blog, to look at what I've labelled the "sub-groups". These sub-groupings, are simply more-detailed images of less numbers of toys. It's easier to see the finer detail this way.

I'll add the E-Bay listing numbers later, but first I wanted to make sure that these photos below were added here to this instalment of my blog.

Group 1
(E-Bay Listing  # 200754414790)

All of the items are in good condition with their tires and axles.
Only the large light blue Hubley has damage to the badly-broken windshield.

 The white car is a Johnny Lightning"

 An Unknown Caboose (Train),
and from left to right -
A Tootsietoy and 2 Manoil Vehicles.

 The larger light blue car is a Hubley (with a broken windshield),
while the other 3 vehicles are Tootsietoys.


Group 2 (Below)
(E-Bay Listing # 190674507602)

All are in good condition with their tires and axles
All Tootsietoys except for the Goodie Truck (Unpainted) in the back and last row.
 The unpainted truck on the left is a Goodie Toy.
All the rest are Tootsietoys
 All Tootsietoys
All Tootsietoys


Group 3 (Below)
(E-Bay Listing # 200754417643)

All are in good condition with their tires and axles

The "roadster" - unpainted and in the top left)
is an "experiment. This tootsietoy never had a front grill, but someone added the Toosietoy Graham grill to it.

All Tootsietoys


Group 4 (Below)
(E-Bay Listing # 200754418530)

All are in good condition 
excepth for the red tanker that has broken axle holders
and is missing an axle and 4 tires.

All are Tootsietoys but the unidentified green plastic green car

 All of the above have their tires and axles
All are Tootsietoys but the unidentified green plastic car

The items that are missing axles and rubber tires.


Group 5 (Below)

E-Bay Listing 

All are in good condition 
except for the  green and gold convertible (missing driver's head)
and the golden Tootsietoy racer (front and left) that is missing 1 metal wheel and has a broken-off airfoil in front of the rear right wheel.

The 2-manned steamroller is "Slush", while the other 3 toys are diecast

The steamroller on the left is die-cast, while the other 2 items are "slush"

The green and gold racer is missing the driver's head and is "slush".
The golden Tootsietoy is missing 1 metal tire and has a broken airfoil broken in the same place as the missing tire.

That's it for today, so thanks for dropping by, 
and to all,
have a restful weekend, wherever you may be.

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