Monday, December 12, 2011

"Venture Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Venture Where No Man Has Gone Before"
(Excuse me Captain Kirk from Star Trek)

 A few days ago I mentioned that I starting to look at expanding my purchases to include some other brands. So today, I'll present to you some of my new purchases.

I purchased this fine toy from a nice lady seller on E-Bay. She packed the toys that I bought better than I do, And I thought that I was the best packer on E-Bay! I told her this and she replied that she was hesitant to sell this toy. I replied that she was just a "novice",  and that she only had accumulated only 216 transactions. She would "get over it" in about a year.

I also sometimes have those "withdrawal" pains, but you learn!

 The above toy is what's called a "slushL toy.
When I research the word and the type of metal, I'll add that to this instalment.
By the way, if someone knows who made this toy, send me the answer please!

 This toy was manufactured by the Arcade Toy Company.
It measures  3" (L) x 2" (W) x 2" (H) or 76mm x 51mm c 51mm

It's certainly a nice small toy and is made from cast iron.
I especially liked to have lit it so that I could capture the texture on the different parts of the toy.

 The above toy was purchased from E-Bay's best Packer - the fine lady!
I knew it was "damaged" but for the low price, I was able to at least have a nice photographic record of this toy. I'm sure I could Photoshop it to repair the damage.

It's another slush toy and I also don't know who made it.
It might be Barclay as they did produce some fine small toys in that ear (1930-1940).

And of course, I did purchase my "regulars"which are below.

 A Tootsietoy Graham Dairy Truck
Die Cast Circa 1936-1939

 Tootsietoy Express  Truck and Hauler
Die Cast Circa 1930-s-early 1940's.
That "M" on the grill of the truck  tells me that this truck may not be a Tootsietoy - I'll have to research that!

 A Tootsietoy Fageol Bus
Die Cast and Circa 1930's

The Faegol company redesigned this specific design to improve on safety.
They started from scratch and redesigned this bus to be safer.  Previous to 1921, when this new design was created, there were many rollovers from turning, especially around sharp corners.

You always learn something from toys!

When I reviewed this instalment, I got a laugh out of the  second to last paragraph.
Of course, I was referring to the "real" bus company  and not a toy company!
But it sure made me laugh!

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