Monday, December 19, 2011

Some Cast Iron Cars and Trucks

Monday, December 19, 2011

Some Cast Iron Cars and Trucks

     It's been about about 11 months since I got into buying and selling old toys on e-Bay. I can't always purchase what I'd like to because some toys just are too expensive, or I get outbid and cannot continue because of the price escalation. However, there are times, when there's a lull or quiet period on E-Bay and I "luck out". Last week, I tried to sell a whole lot of toys that arrived from the weeks before. It was E-Bay's list up to 1000 items for free. The opportunity was great since I had about 75 toys to list. 

However, I guess what I had was:

1. Either listed too high with regard to their price
2. I had many new toys that limits to whom might purchase them
3.It's Christmas time, and people have more important things to spend their money on; especially with the US recession continuing!

I did sell about 8 toys, so all is not bad news.

Anyway, to return to today's instalment, I wanted to present many of the cast iron cars and 2 trucks, along with the "occasional" die cast car. I've mentioned before,that there's "something" about holding a cold and heavy toy in your hands that also happens to be about 80-85 years old. SSome of these toys are what are called "pull toys". A string or cord would be attached to the front of the toy, and it would be pulled along. I can imagine mothers worrying about their children getting dirty or perhaps at the worst getting hurt by such a hard and heavy toy. If only these toys could talk!

So here for today are most of the cast iron toy cars and trucks that I've had the pleasure to see.
A Just-Arrived Hubley Cast Iron Tow Truck
It's about 3 1/2" long (90 mm)
Circa  mid-late 1930's
I have a photo of  larger Hubley. When I find it, I'll post it.

Another newly-arrived Hubley Cast Iron Racer #7
It's about 5" long (130mm)
Circa mid-late 1930's

A  Trio of Hubley Racers
They're die cast and circa 1940's.

This Hubley Racer is called an "Animated Racer"
It's about 9 1/2" long  (240mm).
I wrote about this one when I first started the blog - check it out, because it's really "special".
You have to be careful when purchasing this one. There are plenty of counterfeit ones out there.
I can;t tell the difference, but make sure to get it in writing that it is an "Authentic" Hubley!

I A Beautiful Hubley Airfoil Chrysler Car.
Do a search for the Chrysler Airfoil on the Net.
Hubley probably sold more of these airfoils that Chrysler did. Chrysler only made them for a few years, but they were truly advanced for the time, and the photos that you'l find show what a wonderful-looking original the Airfoil was.

 A Hubley # 5 With Take-off side panels.
Here's another car that I purchased from an E-Bay dealer who described this one as authentic.
I had trouble selling this one also, as there are many counterfeits of this. I normally don't take returns on E-Bay, but after sever attempts to sell this one, I  said that I would allow any buyer 2 weeks to authenticate this item, and if not satisfied that it was not "authentic", I would take the item back, and refund all original costs and the return shipping charges.I never heard from the buyer again - not even a thank you! I assume he was happy with the great bargain that he got!

Another Hubley, but a tiny one at that.
If measures about 3 1/2" (90mm)

A Tiny Pair of Arcade Cast Iron Vehicles

A composite photo of the same car above, but purchased
at a different time. This one has black tires. 

A Beautiful Hubley Coupe.

A  Nice-Looking Hubnley TOw Truck

A Beautiful car.
I need to go back back to my records to see who made this one.
I purchased a set of 4 of these cast iron cars and trucks, and figured that they would re-sale easily.
It took me 3 months to finally sell them, not that I wanted to sell them in a hurry.
You get attached to these toys, even at 63 years old!

So as Usual, I bid you a good morning, a nice afternoon, and a pleasant evening, wherever you may be reading this at this time.

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