Saturday, July 30, 2011

Snagit-A Window Capture Software

July 30, 2011

Wow, it's July 30 already. Time surely does fly, especially as you get older.

I taught pro photography at a junior college here in Montreal,Quebec,Canada, and used to write books for my courses. They'd be posted on the college's server  in PDF (Adobe) format  for students to access.

One of the programs that I "discovered" while being on the Net one day was Snagit. It's a fairly inexpensive program that allows you to capture a screen, or crop a portion of the screen, or capture a scrolling window. The reason that I got this program was that I got tired of having to remember the commands on a PC  At the time, the PC was what I mostly used. Right now, it costs $ 50.00 US, and if you're an educator or a student (I think) you get a discount with proof. The company that produces Snagit is called TechSmith.

I thought that I could capture even the Snagit window, but I couldn't, so I ended up using something called Grab that comes with an Imac. 
So if you're happy with Grab,then you don't need Snagit.

The Snagit Icon

When you capture something with the program, you get the image of the capture, as well as the other images below the main large image. The captured image is saved as a TIFF file, so if you want to use it you should save it as a JPEG, which is more versatile. I usually save the captures to my desktop for ease of access.

This is the one of the menus that you use.
The program is small, so the learning curve is easy and intuitive.

There different menus that allow you to do different things.
I rarely use the menus, but the above one might be useful.
You can add a note to your screen capture.

I distorted the image above with 1 of the commands in another menu.
I'm showing you this, but I have really no use for this command to date.

Here's a submenu with commands such as re-size, comment, arrows, write, MagicMark, 
blur a portion, erase and a few other commands.

A menu (same as above) with shortcuts.
*Click on the above image to enlarge it, as well as the images to follow if they have menus.
In this way you'll be able to read "the fine print".

With this menu, you can copy and paste, check for spelling errors, and so forth.

This menu has commands such as zoom, zoom in and out, view next image.

A straightforward Photoshop screen capture.

As you can see, there's nothing "fancy" about this program.
I use it because it's simple, and keeps all of the image captures in small image 
size below the latest capture.

That's about it for today - just like the SnagIt program - short and sweet!

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