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The Distler Racers

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The Distler Racers


"Johann Distler, Nuremberg, Germany, 1895 - 1968. Produced lithographed tin penny toys, comic and erratic action transportation toys. The company "Johann Distler KG" was established in N├╝rnberg in 1895. Johann started as a penny-toy manufacturer, specialized in lithographed tin toys but his range of products comprised 500 items. In 1917, Distler took on Brown & Mayer as partners. His partners took over when Distler died in 1923. Eventually, in 1935, they sold out to Ernst Volk.

After the Second World War Distler started to produce electric trains and, later, electric toy cars as well. Distler's electric model of the Porsche 356, produced since 1955, was beautifully designed. Distler's also made more simple models, but these were usually sold in department stores. Unfortunately, in the beginning of the 1960s, the company could no longer maintain it's position against the larger brands like the German Marklin, and Trix, and the British Dinky Toys.
The production in Germany was discontinued in 1962. The company was sold to a firm in Belgium (including machines and production rights), where Distler Toys S.A. in Nivelles continued to produce under the Distler brand name until 1968.Distler not only made toys, but also electric shavers." *

*History Courtesy on ebay

Germany, a fabulous oversized tin lithographed racer, striking graphic pipe images 
on sides,bonnet (hood) vents embossed, spare wheel graphics on tail rear, 
seated tin driver, features electric headlights and clockwork (wind-up key) mechanism.
Length:  20"  508 mm

 A bright German-made tin lithographed car with separate side pipes, spare tire 
mounted on side, seated driver, clockwork wind-up by key.
Length:  12 1/2" 318 mm
Circa 1930's

Lithographed tin by Distler of Germany. The design is based on an AUto-Uniobn racer by Bernd Rosemeyer*. Seated driver, clockwork driven by a key wind-up, nice detail to rivet graphics on body.
Length:  13 1/2"  342 mm
Circa: 1930's

Mermany, lithographed tin, large scale example with separate side pipes, embossed pattern,
seated driver, electric (battery-operated) headlights, clockwork mechanism by wind-up key.
Length:  20 1/2"  520 mm

A well-detailed oversized German-made toy.  
Tin lithographed, with pipes mounted along the sides.
Electric (battery-operated) spot light is hood mounted.
Clockwork mechanism by a wind-up key.
Length:  13"  330 mm

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