Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Rare Marx Wind-up Coupe

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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A Rare Marx
Wind-up Coupe

I often like to revisit people and companies who have given me their permission to write about their fine toys and to be able to use their photos. When I revisited the Opamerica Toy & Bank Museum, I wash;t disappointed. I had to go to their already sold part of ebay in order to view what they had already sold, as they didn't have anything up for auction at the moment.

I came across a rare Marx wind-up mechanical coupe with battery-operated headlights. The 1933  toy was in superb condition, albeit the lightbulbs were most-likely modern-era replacements.The toy is made from lithographed tin, and is wound up with a key on the rear right side of the toy.
The toy measures (L x W x H): 8" x 3 1/3" x 3" (202 mm x 82 mm x 71 mm).

The condition of this toy surely is quite amazing for being 84 years old. You don't find such old toys in such good  condition, and I hope that you enjoy this toy, as much as I did.c


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