Thursday, December 10, 2015

Toy Parts & Decals

Thursday, December 10, 2015
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Toy Parts & Decals
(Rick's Toybox)

   A few days ago, I was revisiting ebay when I came across some nice vintage reproductions of toy decals. A decal is a transfer that you place on a toy. It will contain the name of the toy, or the name of a fictitious name of a company. I browed the seller's  ebay store, and decided to contact him.  The name of the store is Rick's Toybox, and I assume that Rick is the owner. I didn't get Rick's family name, but will write him for that.

A nice pair of Wyandotte (USA) wooden wheels for a truck 

A nice replacement grille for an International Harvester truck 
made by the Buddy L toy company

Doepke Highliner Scraper Declas

Wyandotte Stickers for the Timberland Truck 

A vintage Kingsbury Delivery Van Grocery truck.
Painted oppressed steel, with wind-up mechanism for movement

The famous patented Kingsbury wind-up mechanism, with the brake stopper to the left.
Kingsbury is the only toy company too have developed and patented this mechanism, and it was added to their toys for a long time.

   I've never seen the above Kingsbury truck, so I was fortunate to have found Rick's Toybox on 
ebay. When I ways buying and selling toys on ebay, I'd occasionally purchase toy parts for toys that were broken. I wrote several posts on how to repaint and fix toys. Also, some of the toys were missing parts. 

  Thankfully, there are companies such as Rick's Toybox, that are available for people who like to restore toys. In this case, you could even purchase a nice vintage truck such as the one above.

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Would love to see more articles on repair and recognizing real from reproductions.

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