Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Lincoln Toy Dealer from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015
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A Lincoln Toy Dealer
from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

    I'll be adding a few posts at this time after my recent visit to ebay. I was just browsing when I found today's post about Mr. Justin GarychuckJustin is from a province that is located 2 provinces to the west of my province - Quebec. For those who don't know, Manitoba is part of the "Prairie Provinces", so named because it, along with Saskatchewan and and Alberta were located on flat and fertile plains. These plains were great for growing grain, and thus the 3 provinces became known as "The Prairies". The "downside", if there is any,  is that the prairies are big and flat, so driving across Canada is not the most interesting. Many people will take cross the border to the USA, and drive west through the American west. 

   Below is Justin's reply to my request to post several of his fine Lincoln toys up for sale on ebay.

Hey, thanks for contacting me, yes if you would like to use the Lincoln Coca Cola Truck in your blog, go right ahead, and check my listings for other old toys, because I have more Lincoln trucks as well as older rare tin and pressed steel toys that you may be interested in.  
And my name is Justin Garychuk and I am a 20 year old antique and collectible dealer
I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and have been in the business for a few years now, always enjoyed buying and selling old advertising, oil and gas related items as well as older tin and steel toys. Never thought I'd be in the business I am in because I am so young, but everyday you never know what you are going to find and what old item you are going to dig up from the past.
Send me a message when the blog post is up
Cool Caddy

Please click here too visit Mr. Justin Garychuk's fine ebay store


Vintage Original Lincoln Pressed Steel Toy Coca Cola Truck Canadian Advertising
with Original Crate Cover


Vintage Original Lincoln Toys Pressed Steel Toy Wrecker 
with Dunlop Tires and Advertising

From a local estate, this hard to find Lincoln Toys Dunlop Tow Truck was produced in Windsor, Ontario, Canada circa late 1940s. In very good used condition considering its age. The truck is 13" inches in length, by 4 inches wide and 5 inches tall at the cab and 6" at the top of the boom.The truck is showing some paint wear on it, also this truck has original decals on it all, unsure if the cable and the hook is original, none the less it is fully functional.

I seldom write about 1950 toys, since my original plan was pre-1940 and true 100 year old toys. However, the Nylint crane (below) was a very fine toy, and I decided to add it to Justin's first post.


Vintage Nylint Michigan Crane Truck Model T-24 Clark Equipment Pressed Steel Truck

  • Super nice Truck Mounted Crane with all original wheels and parts, the steering wheel in the cab when turned actually turns the front wheels!. 

  • 100% original. 

  • Nylint Clark Equipment Michigan Model T-24 crane.

  • This construction truck is untouched and in good condition for its age (1950s). 

  • Functional steering.

  • Slide out stabilizers on the back end, swivel crane works.

  • Yellow and blue.

  • The crane is missing the rigging, easy enough to make or buy!

  • This is a heavy duty large toy.

  •    What's interesting about Justin's ebay store is that he sells all kinds of interesting merchandise besides toys.  I keep saying to myself that if I had more time, I'd probably have several more blogs just about antiques and other collectibles. You'll have to venture over to Justin's  ebay store to have a look - and for sure, you won't be disappointed! 

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