Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Reader Brings Me Back to Writing

Thursday, May 6, 2015
Sunny and Warm

A Reader Brings Me Back to Writing

   If you're a regular reader to my blog, you'll have noticed that I haven't written anything new in many months.  The main reason is that try as I may, readership hasn't increased at all in the last year.  I joined Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  all in hopes to broaden my exposure in the world - all to no avail. 

   So when I stopped writing,  hardly anything changed. There was some drop in readership, most likely from my regular readers (thank you everyone), but I still manage toy received about 200-350 page views per day regardless. Secondly, I find that Google really doesnl;t do much to increase readership either, aside from placing me at the top of their Google search lists when a search is done. However, this happens in most other search engines.  If I want broader exposure I would have to pay Google, which I won't. I don't earn anything from writing (Google would like me to sign up for Adsense- again no way!). For those who don't know, Adsense is one of the ways that Google makes money. Signing up for this would have Google place all kinds of ads  on my pages. Of course, I  would get paid, but again, with low readership,  it would takes months or even years to earn a few dollars! So why bother to have ads plastered all over my blog!

   Anyway, I have still been receiving mail from readers, and have been answering them.  Mr. Christopher W. Ferrone write me earlier this week and send me his latest creation. Christopher is the owner of Americoach Systems, Inc.- a diverse company that specializes in all facts of transportation for people (bus). Christopher's website is quite interesting, and he has lots of fine buses that are quite fine inside and out.

   Christopher also likes to restore and modernize toys, and he's sent me several examples of toys that he has made. So when I saw his latest toy, I just had to get back to writing. I won't be writing like I used to (almost every day), but will try to write!

The toy below is an original Ty-Nee-Tot toy. I haven;t heard of this particular manufacturer, so naturally, my interest has perked, and I'll have to do some research.

I like to place e toys against a white background. There wasn't anything wrong with Christopher's photos, but placing toys against what illustrates the toy and its' parts best.

What Christopher did was to add a nice dumpster to the toy and also added a crimped wire to the front so children could easily pull the toy.

What I like about Christopher's creations is that he sometimes transforms them into his own design and creation. In this case, not only is there the hand-operated dumpster  that rotates, and the crimped wire at the front for pulling, but there are also added wheels and axles to carry the extra load.  He's even added backup  and brake lights via decals.

In the image below, you can see than the inner container part is a different material from the nice metal  exterior.  That exterior looks like the quality floor material that you see inside some companies offices,, as well as floors inside some  trucks that are used for better footing for drivers who load trucks.

INn the photo below, you can see how the liner has been screwed carefully into 
that nice exterior part of the truck dumpster. 

I don't know how Christopher finds the time to create these "gems", when he has to run his comp;any, but he does.  If  Christopher is married and has children, I'm sure his kids had lots of fun growing up with his creations. I'd ask Chris for a "sample", but for sure, my wife would be not be happy. She already thinks I have the mind of an 8 year old (I'm 66), and I don't need to provide her with any more proof. For sure, I'd be playing with Christopher's fine toys.

So welcome back everyone, thank you Christopher for encouraging me to start writing again, and have a great day to all.


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