Saturday, February 14, 2015

Who Made This Nice Fire Truck?

Saturday February 14, 2015
Cloudy and very cold

Who Made This Nice Firetruck?

   I received a fine grouping of fire truck photos early in the week. Mr.Peter Zobnian had sent them to me, and asked if I could help identify them. I searched on the Internet, and on Liveauctioneers, but didn't find any trucks matching this one. I did find a tuck that had similar and different features to this one, and it was a Schieble, but still no luck in answering Peter's question. So to everyone who reads this post, could someone please help us out, and help with this nice truck's identity? 

   I sent Peter a link to a toy that was "somewhat" similar, but when I just looked at the link as I was writing this post, it certainly is very,very different. I selected this link because the side oval holes on the side of the truck were quite similar, however, most of the other features are different.

If anyone finds the identity to this toy, please e-mail me. My address is at the bottom of this post. I'll then e-mail Peter. What I'll also do is ask Peter if it would be alright to attach his e-mail to this post. In this way, I won't have to be the "go-between", even though I don't mind.

The truck is 24"  (610 mm) in length. Also, it's not a Schieble because it doesn't have a flywheel mechanism to make it move. The flywheel allowed toys to ascend steep elevations, hence these type of toys were called "hillclimbers".

I hope someone will be able to help Peter out, so if you have some time, please try and solve the identity of this toy. Also, if you find the link, send it to me, so I can add it top the post. Of course, if you haste a toy like this, send me the photos, and I'll add a post for you on this blog.

If you're living in the Northern Hemisphere, dress warmly. This February, up here in Montreal has been exceptionally cold, and for myself, I'm thinking maybe it could rank as one of the coldest Februarys on record. Of course, each year it always is the same - winter never wants to go away, and it's always cold.

If you're living in the southern hemisphere, you're having a nice summer and are warm, except Antarctica, where I absolutely have no desire to visit!

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