Thursday, February 5, 2015

Look! Up In The Sky!

Thursday, February, 5, 2015
Cloudy and warmer

Up In The Sky!

   The new season of auctions will soon start again, so I've been perusing through Liveauctioneers, searching for auctioneers and their upcoming auctions. I came across today's post that way, and the Lloyd Ralston Gallery will be having their auction on  February 21, 2015.  For thosewell-know ho don't know, Lloyd Ralston started this fine auction company and was  well known in the auction community,. Sadly, he passed away quite young. Fortunately, his 2 sons continue the tradition, and his fine legacy.

  When I came across the airplane images that you see today, I know immediately that they would "jump off the screen" - a delineation of the old expression- "jump off the page". You don't see multiple toys presented as a single listing often. However sometimes, it's better to sell a grouping rather than one-by-one. Those who are interested will bid,and hopefully for the seller and auctioneer, the final gavel price will be amenable to all. When you have 400+ listings, time is important. The sellers want to finish in good time, and bidders do not want to wait 4-8 hours for a single item.- at least that's how I've felt at an auction.

Most of the toys today and tomorrow's post toys span from 1930-1950 in time, and cross over from the cast iron era into the pressed steel era of toy making. When you see a group of one type of toy, the image is much more interesting, and you can appreciate the details of the toy model.

Initially, I wasn't going to add the listing below, because it had a blimp or dirigible ,which really is not an airplane. But I changed my mind. In photographic composition and image content, sometimes adding something "out-tocontext" makes the photo or in this case the 10 images all the more interesting. As you look at the beginning photos, all of a sudden, you are presented with a blimp! 

I also like the 2 accompanying monoplanes.
I just noticed as I was typing, that I erred - I foot to place a slash for the size 4 1/2".

When you see so many toys of the same  type, and that they are all America, you realize just how many toys were made in the "Golden Years" of the industry.  America searched for people to come to Her, and millions and millions of people from around the world took her up on Her offer. You just have to go to Wikipedia and search for the censuses of America from the 1880's - 1950's to realize just how big America grew in population.

With so many people, the American market was enough for most American manufacturers. 
Even today, trying to find American products in Canada can be almost impossible;e. There's just too much red tape to sell here in canada with a mere population of 33, 00,000 people scattered in the second largest country in the world in  land mass.

I was going to write more, and add more detail to the post, and then decided - nah!
Let everyone just look at the fine set of airplanes and relax.

I also was going to make this a post of 20 images,but that would have diluted the overall quality of the airplanes. So tomorrow, I'll add the second instalment of the collection. I purposely selected the word "instalment". It reminded me when I was a kid in elementary school. On sunday,we'd go to the school auditorium, and there would be serial movies of cowboys or space movies such as Buck Rogers.

The Wyandotte Mystery Planes above reminded me of Buck Rogers. The photo reminded me of those "alien invasions" that you'd see when those bad aliens were coming to destroy our planet! Fortunately, today is going to be cloudy, and I won't have to look up in the sky - to check !

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