Thursday, February 21, 2013

EMD (Engineering Model Developments)

Wednesday, February 21, 2013

(Engineering Model Developments)

The History

    I was looking on the Net, when I came across an interesting toy. I then went to their site, and I found a company called Buffalo Road Imports LLC. I looked around their site, and  then I found a company that Buffalo owns titled EMD which is an abbreviation for Engineering Model Developments. I wrote to the company, and I got a reply to go ahead and write about them. 

    The owner of Buffalo Road Imports LLC and correspondingly EMD is Mr. Brandon Lewis.  Brandon's father started to collect models when Brandon was born, and that kickstarted a fascination for collecting. Eventually,the passion for collecting became a business in 1978, as Brandon was growing up.  Brandon is a petroleum engineer by education and profession, but in 1982, the market for  these specialists was slow, and so Branson jointed Buffalo.

    The  company has flourished, and eventually outgrew its premises which were in the original home of Brandon's parents. The current location is still in their hometown of Clarence, New York, and is on the main street of the city. However, they now have a large warehouse to store their inventory

    I'll be returning to write another post about Buffalo Road Imports LLC, the patent company, but I decided to write about EMD. This company produces their own line of diecast  models.  I chose  to write about EMD initially, because the photos on their site were larger than most of the other ones, and as such , I was able to look at these in more detail. Also, it's easier to do some enhancement in Photoshop with larger-sized images.

   Buffalo Road Imports LLC site is, and is the EMD website. Buffalo is a cornucopia if information for anyone interested in collecting. Of course, the vast inventory of models and especially the photos is for me my first interest. After that their are large lists of manufacturers and the companies that these toys are modelled after (the original "real" trucks, dozers, cars, busses, and so forth).  

The Euclid C6 Dozer below much be quite popular.
EMD offers this model in 4 different variations.


I had asked Brandon Lewis if it would be alright for me to remove the nice-lloking models form their original backgrounds and he agreed. His customized foundation( a photographic term for what a tabletop products sits on) is very nice with the company name and globe design.

However, I thought that the models would present themselves better against a clean white background. I've also decided to add the company logo to each photo of every post that I write about, and at the same time to  lighten up the Copyright notice. I also felt that too much bright text detracted from the manufacturers' models.

Of course, I'll be sending a note to Brandon for his perusal , since he's the best one to decide- he's the company owner of these fine models!

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