Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bonhams - It's the Fine Detail that Counts!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's the Fine Detail that Counts!

   I was ecstatic this week, when  Mr. James Opie,  from the Collectors Department of Bonhams, had given me the permission to use the fine photography of Bonhams, and to write about the fine toy soldiers that they list at their auctions.  I'm going to be writing another post on toy soldiers, but what I want to do requites lots and lots of investigation, and it's not easy to find what I need for the post. So I decided for today, to look at other items in their huge collection of auctions. 

   I came across 2 past listings and 2 to be auctioned on February 12, 2013 - 11 days from now. What caught on today's presentation were several things. One was the hand-crafted items that were recently made (circa 2000 or so), that several people made them,  that they are designed on old original trains, and that there is nice details to the images.

   Of course,you don't always see the fine detail unless the image can be magnified. Bonhams has a feature that allows you to "zoom in" to see a large size of the image.  This feature is fantastic when you want to zoom in to see and cross-reference the image to "the real train" that it was modelled after. Bonhams doesn't necessarily add this feature to all of their actions listings, but those that need the added detail such as fine jewellery, watches, and writing instruments, to name a few, are featured in this way.

(Please press on the above address to be redirected to the fine website of Bonhams)

I created a montage (composite image of 3 photos) to illustrate the  magnifications available. It takes a while to change from 1 size to another, but if you have a fast internet connection, the time is short.
You also can move the image around, as it will be much too big for your computer monitor. The largest train above is about 35" x 15" @ 72 dpi   (.888M x .332 M)

I sharpened  the above image in Photoshop, but even unsharpened, the magnification will help viewers see detail, and decide whether to bid or not on the item.

 I also sharpened  the above image in Photoshop.

Don't forget that in Blogger, you can press on each image to also magnify it. You can also view all of the images by themselves without looking at the blog format (text and photos). I change the images to 144 dpi and downsize them as they're too big to view in their original sizes.

So that's it for a Saturday, and I'm off to walk Buddy, my dog.

Thanks for dropping by, 
and have a great part of the day, wherever you may be.

And remember, I'm always looking for people who would have nice toys that can be presented here, and that you can write the narrative if you wish.


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