Friday, August 5, 2011

Some Lesser-Known Vintage Toy Manufacturers

August 5, 2011

Some Lesser-Known Vintage Toy Manufacturers

      When I started to buy and sell toys on E-bay, I kept to 2 main manufacturers from old times. THey were Wyandotte and Hubley. I then started to include Tootsietoy.  Occasionally, I would see other names, but didn't want to have to deal with too many manufacturers. It's easy to buy toys, but selling is another story. Buying is for you, but selling is for others.

     I have come across several other manufacturers that I have purchased for resale. They are Manoil, Metal Masters, and Jane Francis.  As with most of the toys that I buy, I purchase them for their inherent design and beauty. The Manoil, Metal Masters and Jane Francis (in particular) don't seem to have been produced in the quantities and varied types (cars, trucks, planes) as the Wyandottes and Hubleys. Nevertheless, they're interesting, and I'm sure one day, I'll find a rarer one.


Metal Masters

Jane Francis
 Jane Francis started out in 1942 producing stuffed dolls and animals. LAter on her husband entered the business and started to produce die cast toys.


Anonymous said...

I have a Jane Frances car.

toysearcher said...

Hello Anonymous,

THanks for writing.
If you send me photos and your name, I'll add it to the post.