Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shipping and Packaging

August 3, 2011
Shipping and Packaging

      Shipping and handling certainly are not the most glamorous topics to talk about, but they deserve attention. I just received a toy today that arrived broken. It was not packaged well, and because it was a die cast toy, the original casting probably had impurities in it, and was very brittle. Then, when I tried to see how the 2 pieces could fit together, the toy crumbled in my hand!

        I like to package my sold items carefully, as if that's what I would expect from someone else. It takes a bit more time, but so far, I haven't had any reports of breakage. I also charge a small "fee" for this, more for materials than for time and effort, but those who purchase items from me don't seem to mind. Furthermore, if I sell more than 1 toy, I combine shipping into 1 box, and only charge 1 fee.

I removed most of the shipping labels from a box that I just received.

I use extra corrugated cardboard to reinforce the box.
You cut the cardboard longer than the box and fold it on the corrugation.

Here's how the reinforced box looks.

I created an image to "warn" people of the shredded paper that I use when packaging.

Here's the messy shredded paper.
I use my heavy-duty shredder to shred the paper and cardboard.
Do you use too thick a pile of paper or cardboard or you will damage your machine.

Here's the warning label.
It informs people to open the box over a garbage can to avoid the "mess".

I use newspaper or "Bubblewrap" to protect the toy that I am sending.

I use Scotchtape to tape the Bubblewrap.
Note however, that I fold the end of the tape, so that the buyer will easily be able to unwrap his/her toy.

I use a plastic packing envelope for the packing slip.
I also include my a thank you letter and information about my blog and where to find images of the toys that I have bought and sold. I have the photos on Flickr and Picasa.

I use 1-4 "fragile" stickers on the box.

I would hope that some people understand the care that I put into packaging, but I'm sure it's an oversight for most. However, its' part of my character, and I'm proud to ship like this!

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Pedro Padro said...

Antique storage is a controversial thing in and of itself, as it entails history and continuance, as much as product value. Hence it must be packed with utmost care. More than good packaging though, is ensuring proper transport that should optimize speed as well as mileage.

toysearcher said...

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for dropping by.