Thursday, June 30, 2011

Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery

June 30, 2011

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery.  However, when it comes to antique and old toys, this is definitely not the case!

This article today has to do with the original Hubley Chrysler Airfoil Cast Iron Car and a fake.

The Chrysler airfoil was a nice car manufactured by Chrysler. However, it never caught on and production stopped after a short time. However, several different toy manufacturers of the time produced toys modelled after the Chrysler model, and today, this car is still in high demand.

What I don't understand about fakes is why produce them in the first place. Exactly how many people out there would buy the real Hubley Airfoil? And, I would probably say that anyone who would spend anywhere form $ 75.00 - $ 250.00 U.S. for one would most likely have done their homework.

I purchased the "fake" knowing it was a fake to specifically see what a fake looks like. Unfortunately, the seller on E-Bay was somewhat "vague" as to the authenticity of the item.

So lets 's take a look at the real Hubley and the "pretender".

The Blue is Real, and the Red is Fake.
1. More detail in the Hubley.
2. Nickel* in the Hubley frame, steel in the fake.
*I'm not 100% that the metal is nickel, so whomever is more knowledgeable, 
would you please verify or correct me.

You can definitely see the nice detail in the Blue Hubley!

Again, more detail in the Blue Hubley,
and the smoother detail.

1. The Hubley uses a rubber tire to hold the chassis (undercarriage) to the
car body, while the fake uses a screw.
3. The Hubley has real rubber tires and wood wheels, while 
the fake has a metal tire and painted wheel as 1 piece.

Another image of the Real Hubley.

The fake with the single painted wheel (rim) and tire.
Also notice the screw in the spare wheel/tire that holds the 
undercarriage to the car body.

So the next time you're on E-Bay or at a local antique market or store
take a good look at the toy and make sure that this is a Hubley!

One more thing:  Do a search for "Chrysler Airflow". 
The original car was a real beauty in its' time (1934-1938), but unfortunately most people didn't buy it!

To remind everyone, you can click on any image to get a magnified version that presents better detail.

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