Monday, October 9, 2017

The Big Ships are Coming

Monday, October 9, 2017
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The Big Ships Are Coming

 One of the first Auctioneers that I had the privilege and  enjoyment to write about was the famous American toy auctioneer - Bertoia Auctions.  As I was browsing at what  in coming up at Bertoia Auctions, I came across a great auction that is scheduled for November 11-12, 2017. There are a lot of fine toys such as Lehmann, cast iron, and European. But what caught my attention most were the unique antique toy ships from Marklin. These fine toys are wind-up toys from the  early 1900's.

This battleship has every feature imaginable, from its many cannons of several different sizes to its detailed flag masts and multi-story deck, Marklin didn't spare any detail. The boat features two exhaust stacks, two detailed deck cranes with winch and chain, many different levels of deck all lined with hand soldered railings, and classic warship colouring. 28"(70.43 cm) in length. Both cranes & two lifeboats are replacements, two funnels touched up, areas of masts reattached, otherwise in paint in (Pristine Condition)

The first thing that grabs your eye with this Marklin battleship, "Tirpitz", is the impressive
riggings and the tall masts that are complete with guy lines., flags, and crows nests, masts
tower over the ship and its' busy deck that features 2 large cranes for dispatching its'
lifeboats, many gun decks, and several different levels that make this boat
very complex and unique, decks are hand-painted to simulate wooden planking, an overall
extraordinary watercraft that only Marklin could produce, Professionally restored and aged.
Length:  34"  86.36 cm

High detail and impressive profile easily live up to its namesake "Majestic". From its'
hand-painted port holes and windows on the hull, to its' hand-soldered stairways and
deck railings, this boat is a great example of the beautiful imaginative toys that
Marklin was capable of creating. It features many deck guns, including one large cannon between its' large masts, and features two exhaust stacks complete with guy lines to keep them stable on rough seas. Majority of the paint on the ship is original with some small enhancements in areas,
paint is lightly flaking throughout, appears to retain original accessories and appointments with minimal soldering at masts and stack sleeves, red water line is repainted.
Length:  34"   (86.36 cm)

I've only presented 3 of these fine ships, but there are many more on the Bertoia Auctions website, so please venture over there to have a peek.

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