Saturday, April 22, 2017

An Unexpected Reader Asks for My Help

Saturday, April 22, 2017
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An Unexpected Reader Asks for My Help

   Periodically, I receive e-mails from readers asking me to identify a toy. So was the case of Mr. Tom Rutherford, Sr.  He send me photos of a nice old pedal car and asked me for information. Unfortunately, I didm;t have much experience in writing about pedal cars. I invited Tom to be a "guest" on my blog, and asked for his permission to use his photos and dialogue for today's post.

In his own words:

Please assist me in identifying this old pedal tractor.  I have researched for a long time and have not found this tractor.  Please provide the following:

Manufacturer and geographical location
  • Date(s) produced
  • Rarity
  • Value as is
  • Value when restored
  • Any additional information

I complimented Tom on his very fine photography, and waited until today to add Tom's post to this blog. In the interim, I mentioned to Tom  that the front ornament loped like an American car ornament.

Tom wrote back to say:

Hi again!
Just identified the auto emblem.  It is a Cadillac emblem.  It's frequently referred to as the "duck" emblem (ducks appear inside emblem).  It first appeared in 1930.  Another came out in 1947.  After that, the same emblem was surrounded by various separate borders.

I'm going to see if Cadillac produced any tractors.  I doubt it.  Only a wealthy family would be able to purchase these pedal cars.

I'll quickly e-mail you if I come across any other pertinent information.

Thanks again!
Tom Rutherford

A few days letter, another e-mail arrived from Tom:

Hi again!
Just identified the wagon.  The sun was shining on the side of the wagon just right.  I was finally able to see the faint inscription and picture.  It's a Radio Flyer 1933 Streak-O-Lite.  The "picture" is three passenger cars of a train.  Perhaps to can answer my original questions about this wagon, the horse and buggy, and tractor.
Thanks again!
Tom Rutherford, Sr.

   There are still several questions that have to be answered. So if there is anyone out there who has the answers to the questions below, would you be so kind as to write me:

1. How Rare is this toy?

2. What is the value of this toy - as is, without restoration?

3. What is the value of this toy - restored ?

  I was more ambitious than usual today, and so I added 2 posts for today. As I mention before, we've been getting lots of rain  up here in Montreal, and today is no exception. So what better way to keep occupied than to add a few posts to my blog!

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Stacey Bindman

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