Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mr. Christopher Ferrone Says Hello

Saturday February 25, 2017
Overcast,  record warm
17 C  63 F

Mr. Christopher Ferrone
Says Hello

It's been an "acceptable " winter up here in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). The weather hasn't been took cold, and  the snow hasn't been too much. Also, the older that I get (I'm 68), the faster time seems to go by. It was just fall (September 22), when I started the countdown to spring (March 22), and as of today, there are only 25 days to spring!

Of course, there are still 2 months after the first day of spring until the weather is warm enough to prepare the grass, and start to mow the lawn. I can't wait!

Mr. Christopher Ferrone is one of my readers who  is the president of  Americoach Systems Inc., a company that  is in "Specialized Transport Technology, Safety, Management, and Logostics". Christopher specializes in bus transportation in Chicago, Illinois.  Chris also happens to be a toy enthusiast, and restores and innovates old toys into new ones. He's quite an "artisan", and very capable at what he does. 

Today's post is his latest model that he has magnificently restored and innovated.

In his own words…...

"Hi Stacey 

I hope you are well !!

and that the winter is not too harsh !!

I just finished a 1930 Marx/Studebaker custom fire truck

I started with just the cab and side fenders

I made the body/box and rear step, ladder racks, front bumper

I obtained a grill from another truck and customized it to fit this one

base coat / clear coat finish.........."retro red metallic, and clear

wood wheels

I hope you like it



I don't know where Chris finds the time to make such a nicely-restored toy firetruck, but he does.
It's always great to hear from Chris and see what his latest "piece-de-resistance" is .

Thanks Chris, and I hope all jus well with you and  Americoach Systems, Inc. in Chicago.

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Bob Walden said...

Very nice. Glad to see someone caring enough to keep these alive. He does wonderful work!