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Nette Auctions Latest Auction with a New Manufacturer Discovery

Monday, June 8, 2015
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Nette Auctions Latest Auction with a 
New Manufacturer Discovery

  I was perusing through Liveauctioneers, when I saw a manufacturer's name that I had not heard of before. The name is Budgie. Originally, the company was called Morestone, but later, its name was changed to Budgie. Morestone was a toy distributor in the 1940's, and Budgie the renamed company stayed in business until 1969.

There is  a well-written article about the company on the Wikipedia website (Please click below):

Nette Auctions is an acronym (an abbreviation of letters) that stands for New England Toy Train Exchange. I've had the pleasure to write about their fine train merchandise from time to time. However, they also happen to sell other toys as well.  I only found 2 Budgie listings for the upcoming June 123, 2015 auction, however, I decided to select a few more nice toys to add for today.

Below is the first Budgie listing. As you can see, the toys resemble other British small toys such as the more famous- Dinky.

What I like about Nette Auctions is their larger file sizes. They're nice to work with  photo-editing 
( I simply whiten the background).. As well, the size is great for readers to see the nice detail of the toys. For those who don;t know, you can enlarge the images that I post. You simply view the photos in the slide mode of Google Blogger.

Below is a nice Japanese friction toy. Considering its age, it's in quite good condition.

Below are some Morestone toys. AS I wrote in the introduction, 
Morestone was the precursor to the Budgie name.

These toys below are live steam accessories. What's great about these toys is that you could assemble many together and connect them with cords and string from the main steam engine. The steam engine would connect to a pulley system that colds accommodate as many as 6 wheels (pulley). THese would then connect to the pulleys of the toys. Once connected and the lever stop lever was released, there could be a whole factory of different craftsmen hammering, sawing, or turning all kinds of mechanism. This much have been most fascinating for your children of the time.

Of course, aha would a toy auction be without a Louis Marx toy? At one time in the mid-1950's 1 in 5 toys in the USA was manufactured by this company. That certainly was a lot of toys to have been made at they time!

First there was the horse carriage, then the horse trolley, then the electric trolley.
Once upon a time, every city had these troll;legs for moving people around the city. At the time, most cities were small, although European cities were larger due to their having existed many years more than the "New World" cities.

If you are a toy train person,  you might went to visit the Nette Auctions website. There are lots and lots of toy trains that will keep you interested for many hours. On a day like today In Montreal), you don;t want to be outdoors, unless you're a duck!

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