Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The 1934 Manoil # 702 Coupe

The fun thing about buying and selling is that if you're a hands-on person, you inevitably will get to fool around with these toys. This Manoil was one that I always wanted to look at.

The design came in 2 pieces of diecast metal that fit into one another. They were held together by the 2 car axles (front and rear).

This toy came without tires, so not only was I able to take it apart, but I needed to in  
order to add the 4 missing tires.

 Here you can see how the 2 pieces fit together.
And here's another view.
The design is similar to those Hubley Chrysler Airfoil cars, in that 2 pieces were manufactured, and the parts are held together. In the case of the Airfoils, they are held together by a tire that holds the undercarriage (chassis) to the frame. I have 1 of those toys, but am waiting for the tires.

It's strange how tires seem to go missing on so many of these old toy!
However, that certainly keeps the tire "elves" busy making tires.


Anonymous said...

Where can I find tires for these. I need 3/4 in. for a Manoil 704 I am restoring. Found 1/2 in. but they look too small. I would like to collect and restore more of these but tires seem to be the problem. Thanks for any advice.

toysearcher said...


2 excellent resources for old toy parts are:

1. Thomas:

2. Classic Tin Toys:

Both companies have lots of parts ands are the owners are
very helpful if you have any questions.

Thanks for writing,

(Mr.) Stacey Bindman