Monday, September 5, 2016

A New Train Set Discovery

Monday September 5, 2016
Clear and Sunny
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Labour Day

                                   A New Train Discovery

         Welcome everyone and a happy Labour Day to all. There's still 16 days to Autumn (Fall), but the weather feels like fall rather than summer. The days are hot with lower temperatures, and cool at night.

          I periodically get letters from my viewers asking me to help them to identify a particular toy. 
And so it was with Mr. John Rahier. 

In his own words:

"Hi I've just bought this antique streamline train today, anybody could help me identifying the brand of this toy, there is no mark or brand on it

the train consist of 3 train car joined with 2 separate parts, the train is electric with switch on the locomotive with a lightbulb in front, each parts are metal and the train is pressed steel with blue and silver paint. The train is O scale

its written "1357" on each car


I've added a picture of the toy with this e-mail"

"Hi, thanks sorry for the delay of my respond, here are some pictures of the undercarriage and separate pieces"

"here are the size : L = 60cm; W = 6cm; H = 7,5cm

thanks again

"Hi, i've just got and answer from Hans van Dissel : 
"It is made by the Japanese firm of Seki in the 1930s for the Western market, where it was sold under the name Bryant."
I've enclosed a picture of the train in its set box."

Kind regards,

    This train set is quite nice and in good condition for its' age. I'm assuming that the train is electric in nature. But better than that, John was hard at work, and persevered at finding information about his set of trains. He eventually received the information from Mr. Hans von Dissel. What more could I ask for?

I'm always looking for new material to write stories about. With that said, I would invite everyone who has nice old toys or toys up to the mid-1950's to send me photos and any interesting stories or anecdotes  about their toy or collection of toys. I'd be glad to write a post about you anytime.

As always,
Thanks for dropping by to vivid,
And have a great Day, 
wherever you may be.
(Stacey Bindman

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