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A Collector Says Hello and a Post is Created

Saturday, January 21,2015
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A Collector Says Hello,
and a Post is Created

  Yesterday, I heard from a collector who had written to me in the middle of November. He had a n unidentified toy that needing identification, and asked if I might help him. I couldn't, but I created a post to see if anyone might help. I just got 1 answer, but the person who was helping wasn't 100% sure.

  Mr. John Rahier had written to say hello,and to write that he had started blogging. I thanked him and ventured over to his blog. It is quite nice, and what I also liked is that John collects other interesting things circa the 1940's-1950's. I won't spoil the "mystique" by telling you, but if you like "old" and period collectibles, you have to also visit John's "non-toy" collectibles. Naturally, after I had visited John's blog, I had to ask for permission to write about his fine toys, and I got his "OK"

I like how John created a personalized logo for his blog. I've been thinking of creating a logo with my email alias - toysearcher. One day, I'll do it.

John's descriptions are brief, but their personal. If you read them, he intersperses 
about  where he bough the toy with a brief description of the name of the toy and its description.

I've never heard of this company. I'll have to do some searching to see 
if I can find other toys from the same company.

I like multi-tasking toys. In this case, the toy moves and also can 
raise and lower the bucket or dumpster.

 Here's a nice JEP train and coal car. John was using mixed sources of light - daylight and incandescent - I think. In this case, the warm-colur of the the incandescent accentuates the train side, and adds more character and impact to the image.

I'll have to check if people in Great Britain ever hot cars like these. America certainly did, and if you see any early Marlon Brando or James Dean movie about "tough motorcycle or car guys", you would have seen a car like this - an American "hotrod".

This one certainly is a "beauty" (American cars would be names with female names", hence I called "her a "beauty". I like how the car was made by hand with screws rather than tin prongs that would bend into other parts of the car to keep the parts together.

I'ts made to play "rough", just like Marlon Brando and James Dean in those movies!

John uses French on his website. When I did some translation, I found that the name Rossignol translates into the bird called a nightingale.

Another company that I have never heard of. I like this one because it has battery-operated headlight. The truck moves, and I also wonder if the dumpster (bucket) also title.  I also like the driver that comes with the truck.

The photo below of a nice Triang truck  should govern you a big "clue" 
as to what else John collects. I especially like the very thin rubber tires on thise rims!

The wheels on this toy acre called "balloon tires" or wheels. For just a wheel, there is a lot of work that went into them. 2-sided different colour lithography, and the wheel had to assembled by hand from 2 halves (I'm 99% sure on this).

I've mentioned just how well built Schuco  toys are built. Once, I even bought a modern-era Schuco in order to see just what the fuss was  all about.  The wind-up mechanism was very strong, and propelled the toy extremely fast across my living room! Also, the toy came with a very large and strong key, similar to the one thou see for this toy. You need a strong and larger key in order for young children to easily wind up the toy, and to not lose the key!

Also, this toy is another one of those "multitasking" toys. Multi-tasking simply means doing several things. In this case the toy can be wound up in2 places. One place is for movement, and the other is for nose-making like a car.

I like that front grill! It has to be strong, not like other pressed metal fronts. This toy has power, and you don't want the front to dent! And if you have one or want to buy one - don't get caught by your wife or girlfriend playing in the living or dining room! You'll will be told to go play outside where you won't do any damage.

Of course, if it was my wife, I'd take it as a compliment, interpreting the "warning" as a nice thing - just like treating me as a child - At 66, I still want to be act young!

Thanks for visiting and as always,
have a great part of the day or night,
wherever you may be,
Stacey Bindman

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